Monday, August 19, 2013

Key 4: Frequency


Awareness of your frequency and the frequencies of others
moves you to monitor and adjust frequency as needed.

Holly is naturally social, wittily clever, and charming. In her last job, she had been on a team of like-minded project managers, and they had all grown accustomed to joking around with each other throughout the work day. Holly had recently moved to a new city and accepted a job as a project manager with a new company. During her first week, she realized that most members of her new project team—especially her team leader—were very serious and professional in their interactions.

At first, Holly was disappointed. With her new team presenting such a contrasting vibe, she felt like she couldn't be herself. Then Holly realized that by gently adjusting her frequency, could learn to mesh with this new team. She started watching her words more carefully and became more conscious of her professionalism in the office. It felt strange at first, but after she got over her disappointment, it wasn't so bad. After her second week, several of Holly's teammates invited her to a happy hour. It was there she could relax and be more fun and playful with them, finding the right balance for her natural energy.

This week, pay attention to the frequencies around you. What does it feel like when someone’s frequency is similar to yours? What happens when someone’s frequency is not like yours? How do you adjust to people’s different frequencies? Write an example in your journal this week about how the frequency of someone else played an important role in contributing your sense of balance or lack of balance.

To your best balanced life! 

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