Monday, August 5, 2013

Key 3: Intention

Becoming aware of your intentions helps you
focus your priorities and create desired results.

Jill wanted to make a lot of money. "Why not?" she thought. Jill had never really had a lot of money, and she believed that with the right opportunity she could use her education and skills to land a really good job. Sure enough, Jill landed a consulting job that paid more than twice as much money as she'd ever made before. The job was a road warrior position—up to 100% travel—but if that was the price to pay for making a whopping salary, then so be it. Her husband and friends would understand. What an opportunity! And yes, an opportunity it was—a chance for Jill to learn a very valuable lesson.
The first two months were hectic, although feasible. But by the end of six months the job was horrendous. Jill was working 65 to 70 hours a week, was only able to travel home for one day every two weeks, and was missing her husband. She had gotten a cold she just couldn’t shake. The enormous paychecks sat mostly idle in Jill’s bank accounts while she scrambled to keep up. By the time her seventh month came around, Jill was ready to quit. What had she been thinking when she took this job? The money. Was it worth her stress? Her health? Her marriage and friends? Jill had to reconsider her intentions.

Intentions take life when we speak them out loud or write them down. Take a moment this week to think of your intentions for your career and your personal life, write them down, and then share them with someone you trust. Throughout the week, notice how your attitudes, actions, and words are either helping to fulfill your intentions or moving you away from them. If needed, make necessary changes to put yourself back on track.

To your best balanced life! 

The Ambassador of Goodwill

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