Monday, July 15, 2013

Key 2: Choice

 Being aware of the choices you make gives you
the freedom to create your own experience.

Each new year, Tim would promise to start a new exercise routine but could not keep the motivation to follow through with it. But this year he decided he was going to stick with it. To help him stay motivated, Tim took the advice of a co-worker and hired a personal trainer to help him get started. After the first two weeks, Tim had a workout routine personally tailored to his body type and fitness goals.

After the first month, Tim found his personalized fitness plan was key to his motivation. But Tim also began to notice something else—he started making other healthy choices. As his body began to adjust to the physical exercise, he started craving healthier foods. Because he was eating healthier foods, Tim's weight began to shift. His attitude improved and his stress level was decreasing. As a result of his better mood, work started to flow with a new ease and Tim's relationships started to improve, especially with his wife. Tim had never realized how many aspects of his life were connected to his physical health and well-being. Tim quickly realized that one healthy choice can lead to so many more.

Take a moment this week to prioritize two important things: tasks and people. Take a short inventory of your tasks and ask yourself: Which tasks do I need to spend more time on? Where should I reduce my time? Now take inventory of your relationships: Whom do I need to spend more time with? From whom do I need to detach or take a step back? Add these decisions to your calendar or to-do list for the coming week.

To your best balanced life! 

The Ambassador of Goodwill

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