Monday, April 22, 2013

Key 1: The Balance Myth

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of 21 Keys to Work/Life Balance.

Is there really such a thing as work/life balance? Many say it's a myth. Balance implies harmony or equilibrium among opposing elements. Imagine what this looks like on a scale—work and life are not only separated, but at opposite ends of the spectrum. In this way, the idea of “work/life balance” supports the idea that work and life are separated. This myth of separation is supported by our environments. Since most people leave their home to go to work each day, the differences between work and home environments shift our energy and force us to refocus.

Now consider a different picture. Visualize your life as a circle with work as one of many different circles contained within it. All of our thoughts, feelings, and actions are constantly flowing in and out of these circles—now work and life are not opposing elements but rather work is one element in a much larger “life.” Work is a part of life. The two elements are integrated. The answer to finding better work/life balance is to find the right blend between all our life activities—regardless of where and when they occur.

A true balance between work and life
comes with knowing that your life
activities are integrated, not separated.
Look for 21 Keys to Work/Life Balance coming May 15, 2013!
The Ambassador of Goodwill


  1. I love it! This is also why choosing a job that matches your life vision is so important. You can't compartmentalize your work because all aspects of your life are connected.

    1. Yes, good observation! And even if you aren't currently working in a profession that doesn't match your life vision, you can begin to create what that job looks like and feels like... you can even look for those attributes contained within the job you already have as you start to move towards what you want to create. Remember: you always have a choice what you focus on!