Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Called T-mail

"I'm so glad you called. You must have gotten my t-mail."

"T-mail?" Shawn asked, "What's that?"

My best friend, Shawn, and I had just been chatting about when someone is on your mind how they often show up in your life soon afterward--they call you, text you, email you, or you run into them in public--somehow they just appear. How many times have you told someone, "I was just thinking of you!" It happens to me all the time. 

The energetic Universe is larger and more complex than we can possibly imagine, and although there are many things we cannot "prove" scientifically, we can still experience them. If you know about personal frequencies and how each of us is an energy source emitting vibrations--much like radio stations--you will understand that thinking of someone sends out an energetic signal. This signal, in turn, can be received and interpreted as either a thought, image, or response. Sort of like when we say our nose itches or our ears are burning, we have the potential to equate an energetic response as a vibrational feeling when someone is thinking of us. Perhaps this may be an urban legend or old wive's tale, but interesting nonetheless. Plus, it's kind of fun. And why not have fun with the unexplained?!

So the idea of "t"-mail is simply "thought" mail--a fun way to describe the feeling of a message sent and received to one another through our thoughts.

Whether it's sending and receiving t-mail, or simply focusing our thoughts to create a positive experience, our thoughts are major contributors to our life experiences. And if we remember that our thoughts form the basis for our attitudes, actions, and words, whatever we pay attention to will expand. So be sure and choose wisely which thoughts you focus on throughout your day.

Learn more about your thoughts, personal frequency, and the frequencies of others in 21 Days to Better Balance--and how becoming aware of your thoughts can help you find better balance in your mind, body, and spirit.

Have you checked your t-mail today? :o)


The Ambassador

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