Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome to the 21 Days to Better Balance Blog

My name is Michael Thomas Sunnarborg and I'm happy that you've landed here! Before we get started, here's a few things you need to remember:

1) About the book: The book is scheduled for public release August 1, 2011. You can order both the printed book and e-book beginning August 1st at Be sure to revisit the web site often for updates and special offers!

2) A free promotion: During the first 21 days of August, download a *free* copy of the e-book at and return later to order additional copies of the e-book and/or printed books for your friends and family.

3) Add this blog page to your favorites, bookmarks, or RSS feed and follow my updates as I blog my stories and adventures about the 21 Days... book series.

4) If you are interested in booking me for a presentation or workshop, please send a note to

That's all for now! I am looking forward to sharing my messages with the world and hearing the stories of how 21 Days to Better Balance is helping YOU find more balance in a busy world.

To Your Better Balance!

The Ambassador of Goodwill