Monday, November 11, 2013

Step 6: Power

Becoming aware of your power helps you
to create more balanced relationships.

John’s boss was out of touch with her power. Andrea was well-educated, socially savvy, and professionally astute, but she had fought for so many years to get to the top that she couldn’t turn off her aggressiveness. Since she wasn't aware of how to use and diffuse her power, Andrea micromanaged many of John's activities, leaving him feeling frustrated and powerless.

Finally, John learned how to regain his power in the relationship. His awareness that Andrea was out of touch with her power gave him the ability to work smarter. Even though he didn't agree with all of Andrea's ideas, he started to work with her out of compassion instead of against her out of anger. John found that if he didn't push against Andrea, he could gradually introduce ideas that would complement rather than challenge her. Over time, they were both able to achieve the results they wanted and John no longer felt overpowered.

This week, think of people in your life who are very powerful. What makes them appear powerful? Now think of people you’d consider power hungry or out of touch with their power. What makes them seem that way? Spend a week noticing how you and the people around you use power. How does power affect your relationships with others every day?

To your best balanced life!

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

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