Friday, January 27, 2012

Relationships Begin With You

Our relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives. Our relationships help us define who we are and who we strive to become. They mirror our strongest feelings about ourselves and show us where we need to grow. Therefore, the first and most important relationship we need to develop is with ourselves. All other relationships—family, friends, coworkers, romantic partners—stem from this important relationship.

True love for oneself comes with the acceptance that all we have experienced and are currently experiencing is a necessary part of our own personal evolution. It also comes from a constant commitment to healing and repairing those parts of our lives where there is still pain, anger, or lack of resolution—which are all based in fear. The purpose of fear is to remind us where we need to place focus in our lives. Feelings such as self-doubt and impatience are clear indicators that we are having a difficult time balancing our priorities with our intentions, and the first person we will blame for that is ourselves. And that is painful. We blame ourselves for "not doing it right", for missing out on great opportunities, or for repeating the same mistakes. Although these feelings appear to be legitimate, they are based in fear and may cause us to feel powerless to change them.

Fortunately, a key to assist us through these feelings is surrender. Not surrender in the form of quitting, but surrender as a means of allowing—releasing our need to: 1) control everything that is happening to us; 2) control those around us; and 2) controlling the need to know what is going to happen next. In other words, surrender is learning to stay present. Being truly present is, in itself, a challenging task especially when we are busy. But being present opens us to alignment, and alignment is the key to finding better balance with ourselves and others.

Another support we have are two helping hands: trust and faith. And the most powerful forms of those two amazing allies are the trust and faith we have in ourselves. Trust in yourself says, "There's nothing I have to have, nothing I have to do, and nothing I have to be, except exactly what I'm being right now." (compliments of Neale Donald Walsch in Conversations with God). We can only expect ourselves to show up each day, take things as they come, and do the best with the knowledge and information that we've been given. Loving yourself releases you from doing or being anything other than who and what you are right now. The rest of life is just "what it is". Faith says, "I was made for a purpose and that purpose is being fulfilled in every moment of my being." This state of being provides the basis for patience—the ability to know that we are in alignment with all that we are requesting in every moment regardless of when it shows up. There is a divine timing to all things and our trust and faith allows us to accept our reality with gratitude.

Remembering we are all Divine beings and believing we are perfectly aligned with our purpose in each and every moment—even when the moment may be challenging—gives us the opportunity to breathe, relax, and center ourselves. Remember: we each chose to come into this life to create the highest and most joyous experience of ourselves. When we are in alignment, the miracles we’ve personally requested will begin to come to us and we will regain our personal power to create what we truly want. Then, and only then, can we experience true self love.

The Ambassador
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