Saturday, August 6, 2011

Accepting Your Decisions

Until a few years ago, I would often feel disappointed when a decision I’d made produced an outcome I hadn't planned. I felt I'd made a "wrong" decision and I would focus on how I should have chosen differently. This was until I realized every decision that I make is, indeed, always the “right” decision at the time—it all depends on my perspective.

So how can that be possible? Because life is a process of growing, learning, and making new choices, and making mistakes is an essential part of that process.

The basis for this belief is respecting ourselves. Whether we make (what we consider) good decisions or not, we need to respect and support ourselves—believing that we’re making the best choice with the information we have at the moment. If, later down the line we realize we didn’t make the best choice (i.e., the outcome of our decision did not turn out favorably), we have the opportunity to learn how to accept the outcome as a learning experience.

Love and accept yourself as you are—but also love and accept yourself as you were… even if who you were caused you disappointment. You cannot know what the future holds; you can only choose what feels best in each moment with the information you've been given. After the decision has been made you can choose to be disappointed by the results or you can accept them and treat them as life lessons—a necessary part of your journey. For without decisions with “less than desirable consequences”, how would we have the opportunity to know what not to do?

The next time you are faced with the unexpected outcome of a decision think about what you choose to believe—think about your perspective: Crisis or catharsis? Obstacle or opportunity? Instead of blaming yourself for the decision, think again—accept your decision and the undesired consequences as signals to learn from your choices and find the “lesson in the learning”. This is a perfect time to love and accept yourself and your decisions as necessary steps on the road of creating yourself and your experience. Besides, once you learn to accept yourself you will have the capacity to accept others—and that always brings us better balance in our lives.
To Your Better Balance!

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